Post 16

Provision for young adults.
Not everyone is college ready at 16.

The Willows post 16 began its journey in September 2019. Post 16 is an  extension of the Willows School and has the same ethos, values and “can do” attitude.

We started September 2019 with 12 MLD students in Year 12  and expect to have up to 20 students, by September 2021, throughout years 12, 13 and 14.

Our aim is to provide a bridge from school to college apprenticeship or employment.

Our Curriculum  includes




Art Awards,

PSHE, PSD, 1 –1 individual tutorials,

Skills for Life,

Travel Training, Road Safety,

Work Experience

Leisure Pursuits

D of E

Entry-level Functional skills,

Open Awards,


Virtual College

Arts Award

The Post 16 curriculum is diverse and forward-looking, developing knowledge and skills which promote and enhance independence, experience, interests, relationships, further education, training and employment. A holistic approach when considering the next educational stage  highlights, not only on the educational needs but also  a focus on social, emotional needs and developing independence, confidence and self-esteem. Life skills  and applying their learning to everyday life is at the core of our curriculum.  It compliments a range of awards and qualifications with a diverse and rich timetable.  

Meet the Post 16 teams.

Community Learning

Our Willows School offers an excellent curriculum for students. To find out more about our curriculum we currently teach at our school, please contact the school using the details on our contact page.

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Post 16