Religious Education

Religious Education at The Willows School

At The Willows school, we believe that our pupils should have a good understanding of different faiths and cultures in order to be a better member of a multicultural society. We aim to develop a respect for, and understanding of different religions and cultures as part of everything we do, not just within R.E lessons.

The R.E curriculum is based on the sharing experiences, developing pupils’ own experiences, as well as gaining knowledge and understanding of different religions, their beliefs, practices, language and traditions, their local community, and the cultures of others.

In our school, we focus on celebrations and festivals which are happening within the year based on the demographic of Rotherham to make learning more relevant to our pupils. We make the R.E curriculum exciting and real for our pupils by visiting places of worship, inviting members of the community into the school, holding the whole school Multicultural days, and making celebrations and festivals come alive within the school.

We hold multicultural days where the pupils will take part in a range of cross-curricular subjects for example dance, art, music and cooking workshops. They are an exciting opportunity for the whole school to learn as a community and learn tolerance, respect for others thus gaining skills, knowledge and the understanding they need to be able to function in society as responsible citizens.
We also understand that parents have the right of withdrawal from all or part of our RE lessons according to the Education Act 1996 and the School Standards and Framework Act 1988. Please notify school if you wish to withdraw your child from lessons.

Date: September 2020
Mrs. A. Duncan
British Values lead