Forest School

As part of the world community, it is our responsibility to educate the next generation in such a way that allows them to appreciate the world around them. This includes all settings and all creatures great and small. We need to give children the opportunity to explore their wider world and to gain new skills, both physically and mentally through interacting with the world in a way that is comfortable to them.It is this exploration that will spark interests and encourage learners to delve deeper into their own personalities and discover topics that interest them.

We encourage learners to use all five of their senses to take in the world around them, look for insects, smell flowers and squelch through mud, each of these activities, in turn, will encourage learners to explore the world further. Alongside this, Forest School allows learners to work as individuals or as part of a group whenever and wherever they see fit, producing bonds with others that may not occur in a classroom setting. We aspire to ignite curiosities as we want and need the next generation to show a great interest in the world that surrounds them.  

Our Willows School offers an excellent curriculum for students. To find out more about our curriculum we currently teach at our school, please contact the school using the details on our contact page.

Subjects At The Willows

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