Vocational Centre

The Vocational Centre, here at the Willows School, is a fully resourced workshop equipped with industry standard tools and machinery: affording learners a wealth of experiences and the opportunity to undertake a range of projects allied to real life job roles. 

Learners from the Willows and partner schools, who access the Vocational Centre, are able to study for an Open Awards qualification or to follow a bespoke portfolio based curriculum. Subsequently, learners are able to contribute in making informed choices when considering their future progression routes. 

A range of the following trade/subject areas are covered: 

Carpentry & Joinery – Learners manufacture projects such as bird boxes, garden planters, outdoor tables and other specifically designed items. 

Grounds Maintenance – Learners take part in the laying of block paving, clearing areas of undergrowth, and other hard landscaping activities. 

Bricklaying – Learners undertake a range of brickwork tasks: building walls, pillars and other identified projects. 

Enterprise – Learners have the opportunity to work with other curriculum areas, Horticulture and Design Technology, collaboratively and as part of a team to produce saleable items for events. 

Wall & Floor Tiling – Learners undertake tasks to fix ceramic tiles to a variety of backgrounds and design, plan and produce mosaic tile projects. 

Craft – Specifically designed projects, allied to the areas listed above, will serve to ensure that all learners are able to develop their skill sets. Projects will aim to promote the development of: fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, confidence, team working and speaking and listening. 

Preparation for independent living – Learners, working as part of a team, undertake a range of laundry and preparation of food/drink activities, ensuring basic wellbeing and hygiene skills are being developed. 

Preparation for Employment – Learners have the opportunity to study for the (Construction) CSCS test, preparing themselves for further study and/or work in the construction sector.

Our Willows School offers an excellent curriculum for students. To find out more about our curriculum we currently teach at our school, please contact the school using the details on our contact page.

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