Mathematics Ethos

Mathematics is an essential part of everyday life for everybody regardless of their background, needs or ability level. At The Willows we ensure that all of our pupils experience Mathematics at their level, covering the vast spectrum of the subject. We are dedicated in teaching all our pupils to achieve their maximum potential in Mathematics which will aid them in life.

It is important that Mathematics is presented in a fun and varied way as we believe this promotes learning and helps understanding, therefore we use practical equipment, games, interactive whiteboard resources as well as more traditional exercises due to the fact that everyone has a different preferred learning style which we aim to cater for.

As a department we offer accredited qualifications which are appropriate for the individual. We aim to support our pupils in achieving at least one recognised qualification and give the opportunity for pupils to work towards extra options where appropriate. These qualifications include AQA Entry Level Certificate in Mathematics levels 1 to 3, Functional Mathematics and AQA Mathematics GCSE. CERTA units are continuously developed for our students who find maths particularly challenging. Everybody can achieve.