Science Ethos

The aim of Science at The Willows is to create awe and wonder in our children. Through fun practical lessons they will develop their communication skills, teamwork, and an understanding of how Science contributes to their everyday lives. They will be given the confidence to approach new situations, equipment, and technology without fear but with due care and respect for safety.

Children will learn about themselves and their environment and how they can contribute to sustainable living. They will experience a range of STEAM-based activities and external visits so that they can raise their Science capital.

Scheme of Work and Overall Organisation.

Science topics have been selected to include a good balance and progression across Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Lessons are practical based where possible and link to life skills. All Schemes of work and long term plans have been created by the Science subject leader.

Class L1 and L2 (year 3-4 pupil are taught by their class teachers and lessons allow children to have an understanding of the world around them. Lessons make links to STEAM activities where possible to allow children to learn through practical based science.

Class L3 and L4 have two single periods of science delivered by the Science subject lead in the Science room. Science is delivered in topics that last for one half term and follows a 2 year cycle.

M1 to M3 (year 7-8 pupils) have 2 single lessons of science each week taught by the Science subject leader in the Science room. Year 7 and 8 Science is delivered in topics covering Biology, Chemistry and Physics on a two year rota. Scientific enquiry skills are embedded
throughout the curriculum.

M4 and M5 (year 9 pupils) have 2 single lessons of Science each week and are taught by the Science subject leader in the Science room. Both classes are work through CREST awards to develop their investigative skills. They will then start on the course which will lead to the most relevant qualifications (AQA Unit Award Scheme, Entry Level Certificate or Level 1).

U1, U2, U3 and U4 (year 10 and 11) pupils have 2 single lessons of science each week taught by the Science subject leader in the Science room. They cover Biology, Chemistry and Physics through the most relevant course and prepare their portfolio for their qualification.




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