Care Act Assessment

Care Act Assessment

Transition Care Act Assessment – Transition to adult services
Transition is the period of time when young people are moving from childhood to adulthood.
Council services for adults are different from those for children, so it’s important that
young adults get the support they need to live a full life.

Area of Need under the Care act 

If you think your son/daughter will need support Post 18 with:

Accessing and engaging in work, training or education
Getting out and about in the community
Being able to use their home safely
Managing personal hygiene
Being appropriately dressed

Developing and maintain relationships
Managing and maintaining nutrition
Managing toileting needs
Carrying out any caring responsibilities

Young people may still be eligible for services, even if you do not receive support from children’s services.
Young people approaching adulthood (14+) and:

    • Living with a disability
    • You are a young carer and care for an adult with a disability
    • You have a current Education, Health and care plan (EHCP) aged between 18 and 25
    • You do not need to have an EHCP if under 18

How to refer to the transition team
Contact Adult Social Care First Contact on 01709 822 330 to request a referral for a Transition Care Act Assessment
or Email –
or follow this link and fill in the Make a Care Act Assessment enquiry form For More Click

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