Personal Social Development

PSD is a holistic approach to lifelong learning and life skills.

PSD is taught throughout school and focus areas are designed to meet the needs of the class and individuals within the class.

The bungalow is a unique and naturally realistic base where everyday life skills are developed and supported. Raising aspirations, building confidence and self-esteem go hand in hand with the practical activities associated with everyday living.

Basic functional skills such as using money, telling the time, reading timetables, filling forms etc. are developed in realistic situations within the community with a real purpose embedding the learning.

Road safety and travel training are recognised as an important aspect to personal development, in upper school an individual training package will be developed to suit the needs of each child moving at their pace.

Careers education is delivered through PSD and encompasses a range of classroom based activities, visiting speakers, trips and hands on work experience opportunities.

At The Willows we believe that supporting our families to lay good foundations in preparation for the futures of the children is a valuable aspect of our bespoke curriculum.

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