Personal, Social and Health Education

PSHE is at the core of the school and pervades everything in school. PSHE needs to provide our pupils with the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to be able to function in society as responsible citizens.

This area of learning is about emotional well-being, knowing who you are, and where you fit in and feeling good about yourself. It is also about developing respect for others and social competence.

Many outside agencies are used as part of the PSHE programme e.g. school nurse, Police, Safe at Last. Y11 are also involved in the baby doll project and are given the opportunity to take home the baby doll for the weekend.

PSHE and Citizenship days have led to a wide variety of agencies being in school on many different topics. Parents are also invited to these days as well as certain PSHE lessons where it is important that the information given can be discussed at home.

We have also successfully achieved Healthy School status. Apart from Healthy Eating the school places emphasis on the social, cultural, spiritual and moral welfare of everyone in school.



Assessment is carried out at the end of every term by the teacher who teaches that class for PSHE and Citizenship. We asses using the Rotherham Healthy Schools assessment tool. There is assessment for K.S. 1, 2, 3 and 4. Pupils may be assessed using more than one K.S. depending on ability e.g. some Y11 pupils are on K.S. 2 and 3.


Key Stage 2 and 3

The Rotherham Healthy Schools scheme of work is followed at K.S. 2 and 3. This scheme is not a prescriptive document; it provides a basis to be able to devise a scheme of work that reflects the needs of the school community.

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Y 3/4 Feelings, Friends and Friendships Focus on Special People Keeping Healthy Growing and Changing Keeping Myself Safe

E-Safety: The real/virtual world

The World of Drugs
Y 5 Feelings and Relationships Growing and Changing Healthy Lifestyles Me, My Community and the Environment Keeping Myself Safe

E-Safety: How can I contact people who help me?

Focus on Outdoors

The World of Drugs

Y 6 Feelings, Friends and Friendships Loss, Separation and Relationships My Healthy Body-Food, Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Rights and Responsibilities

Human Needs and Rights

Keeping Myself Safe

E-Safety: Using Email safely

The World of Drugs
Y 7 Feelings, Friends and Friendships Respecting Differences Between People

The Environment

My Healthy Body

Caring for My Body

How Do Rules and Laws Affect Me? Keeping Myself Safe

E-Safety: Responsible use of the internet

The World of Drugs

The Environment

Y 8 Bullies-Bullying, Pressures and Risks

E-Safety: ‘Chatting’ safely

Me and My Relationships-Memories Lifestyles and Cultures


The Consequences of Inequality Growing Up-Relationships and Responsibilities of Puberty The World of Drugs
Y 9 Growing Up-Relationships Money Management and Careers Growing Up-Responsibilities Global Citizenship E Safety: Multi Media Messaging

Global Difference and Diversity

The Ups and Downs of Puberty The World of Drugs


Key Stage 4

The Willows follows its own scheme for PSHE and Citizenship. There is a detailed programme to follow for Y10 and Y11. The following is an outline of what is taught each term. Again this scheme is not a prescriptive document; it provides a basis to be able to devise a scheme of work that reflects the needs of the Y10 and Y11 groups.

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Y10 Rules We Live By. Personal Safety Relationships Myself and Others Young Lifesaver Award Respecting Differences between People
Y11 Relationships and Sexual Health Relationships and Sexual Health Difference and Diversity Young People and the Law Social Issues Communities in which we Live