Art is essential for all students at The Willows to develop confidence and self-expression. Creativity allows students to problem solve, share ideas, communicate and express their thoughts and feelings about the world around them and their own internal world through a wide range of disciplines.

Art is a practical subject nurtured by an inspiring, calm classroom atmosphere which allows students to progress as artists and learn how to utilise their creative thinking and practical skills to help them overcome barriers to their learning.

At The Willows, students combine observational skills with development of ideas and concepts to cultivate their own personal style. At every stage, students have maximum flexibility with materials and techniques to enable an innovative, exploratory approach.

Individual responses and diversity are celebrated as there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to create a piece of art work. Students are encourages to talk about their work – evaluating methods, recognising successes and refining areas for development.

Students gain confidence and learn to take pride in the work they create. Their Art work is showcased regularly on social media and Class Dojo and displayed around the school.

Miss I. Winson
Subject Leader of Art
The Willows School


Our Willows School offers an excellent curriculum for students. To find out more about our curriculum we currently teach at our school, please contact the school using the details on our contact page.

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