At the Willows School we believe that learning English is fundamental to supporting all aspects of communication. All our learners use the English Language as a foundation on which their learning is based. It is also the medium through which other curriculum areas are experienced.

Through our English curriculum we aim to give our pupils the opportunities to:

  • Develop their abilities to communicate and interact with others, to speak, listen and respond in a range of social situations.
  • Develop their skills in all four main areas of the English language; Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.
  • Access a wide range of literature which will enhance and widen their experiences.
  • Develop their ability to use writing as a communication skill.
  • Develop their creativity and imagination through use of language.

At the Willows school the English Curriculum is planned to take into account the needs of all pupils. We take into account the difficulties that individual students experience with communication and English language. We work to build on the strengths of our learners, and support them to overcome areas of weakness.

Please see more information in our Dyslexia and Speech & Language support pages.

As a school we follow Rocket Phonics to teach early reading to our pupils. Please see the link below to find more information about phonics, and the Rocket Phonics Scheme. For More Click

Our Willows School offers an excellent curriculum for students. To find out more about our curriculum we currently teach at our school, please contact the school using the details on our contact page.

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