Modern Foreign Languages

The aims of learning a foreign language at The Willows:

  • Foster an interest in learning another language; French
  • Introduce young learners to a different rich language environment in a way that is enjoyable and fun
  • Stimulate and encourage learner’s curiosity about language
  • Encourage learners to be aware that language has structure and that structures differ from one language to another
  • Help learners to understand cultural differences in other countries
  • Develop their speaking and listening skills

A scheme of work for MFL (French) at The Willows will be less formal and concentrate mainly on speaking and listening.

Pupils will learn to:

  • Listen carefully and recognise sounds and combinations of sounds which are similar to, or different from, those of English;
  • Understand and respond with increasing competence, accuracy and confidence in a range of situations;
  • Join in songs, rhymes, raps and stories which enable them to practice the sounds of the language in an enjoyable and non-threatening way;
  • Take part in conversations at an appropriate level, reacting to instructions and questions and expressing opinions and feelings;
  • Memorise and recite short texts, and prepare and give a talk on a familiar subject confidently and with regard for the audience.
2018 – 19   Aim
1st term
What do you know
about France?
Where is France?
Pupils to understand
there are different
languages to our
own home language;
2nd term
What is Christmas
like in France?
Pupils to understand
Christmas traditions
from another
country; France.  
1st term
Meet and greet,
Pupils to listen
attentively to simple
spoken language
(greetings) and show
understanding by
joining in and
2nd term
Days of the week Pupils to recognise
and respond to the
days of the week in
Summer 1st term Numbers 1 – 10 Pupils to recognise
and respond to
numbers in French  
Summer 2nd term Colours Pupils to recognise
colours in French  

Mrs. A.Duncan

MFL subject coordintor

November 2018